Top 5 IDE Tools for #iOS #App Development


Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a software application that facilitates for Android & iOS app development. It is a graphical user interface that helps the developer to build software applications in an integrated environment and tools. Most common features the IDE has version control, debugging and structural browsing. Apple has developed the most popular iOS mobile operating system which is used on millions of iOS devices as iPods, iPhones, iPads and TvOS etc. Swift programming is the high-end platform that creates vast possibilities to write high-quality code and build innovative iOS apps. It is the new and modernized programming language introduced to the iOS app developer. Swift encourages the mobile app development with iOS-based apps. The modernized IDE offers clean streamlined syntax that minimizes typing. Swift minimizes unsafe code and catch errors before the code can be run.  It uses the LLVM compiler to generate optimal code. Discover the 5 best IDE for iOS application development:

1. Xcode

Xcode 8 is one of the best IDE for iOS app development that features automatic completions and full syntax highlighting for Swift. It is integrated with the Cocoa Touch frameworks. It has an assistant button which splits the editors into primary work document & the assistant editor.

The IDE has an integrated interface builder which makes it simple to prototype full UI without defining any code. Xcode 8 includes everything you wish to make wonderful apps for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. It is the quicker version of the IDE which has the new editor extensions that you can simply use to fully customize your coding experience.

2. Appcode

Appcode is the smart IDE for macOS and iOS development by JetBrains. It ensures fast execution of code with an intelligent development environment. It takes care of daily routine tasks and saves from extra typing of code. It modifies and improves the code any time with accurate and safe refactoring. It provides the project navigation in which you can move to any file, class, or image in your project in no time, use hierarchal and structure views to induce through your project structure. Appcode has 2 different forms of code completion which include additional advanced SmartType completion & basic you type completion. It conjointly performs 60 code inspections for C++, C and Objective C including many other code inspections.

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How To Use #BigData & #SupplyChain Management Analytics to Solve Big Problems


There is an ebb and flow to this power balance between suppliers and buyers. The shift, brought on by market elimination associated with the introduction of disruptive technologies, or perhaps the consolidation of competitors throughout the past several decades has made buyers with less options in which they decide to conduct business with. In such “supply niches,” suppliers have little competition, which is valuable in negotiating prices with buyers. Nevertheless, the internet of things and worldwide markets have shifted prefer yet again. Customer expectations for if, where, and how they conduct business in addition to buyer sourcing strategies have now delivered reverberations through the entire distribution chain. Luckily for suppliers, business management solutions have now swept up with the ability to correctly handle unstructured and structured enterprise data sources. What this indicates is that big data consulting can now be leveraged to deal with the issue of supply chain planning in the internet era, driven by better demand forecasting.

SCM Solution for Greater Data Analysis

In reality, supply chain control functionality is a subset of several ERP techniques. And while companies manage their supply chain with heritage systems, disparate modules, and niche supply chain solutions, ERP software is looked at as the connective tissue binding together supplier’s business in one single application; streamlining the flow of information in one section to another location.

Harness Customer Data to Predict Buying Behaviours

ERP solutions may handle conventional functions, make sure it warehouse procedures like picking and packing, shipping and order tracking, however it’s in the integration of customer and financial information which is essential. Whenever you factor in in-memory analytics, ERP solutions gives suppliers the ability to test big data from sources that are unsuitable to higher predict demand in the distribution chain.

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Choose Best #Leaders for Your #Startup #Businesses


Leadership is the catalyst of progress in a small business and while managers need to have leadership skills, you will want to find other employees to lead projects. While some leaders naturally step up, you will have to look for the potential in others. Leaders will provide guidance for your employees as well as communicating with employees and motivating them towards company goals. The leaders in your business can have many functions from training new employees to delegating tasks for a special project, but they should all have the same fundamental qualities. Listed below are three qualities you will want to find in the potential leaders of your small business.

1. Communicator

You will want to hire leaders that have good communication skills, because they will be the link between employees and upper management. Potential candidates should be persuasive as well as have the ability to listen when others have good ideas. Leaders will carry ideas from management to the employees while workers need leaders to take their opinions and feedback to the employer. Business leaders will also have to share the company’s vision with customers and vendors alike.

2. Emotional intelligence

Employers who seek out leaders that have emotional intelligence skills will position themselves to succeed in today’s economy. Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize, understand and manage their own feelings as well as influence the emotions of others. There are several benefits to hiring leaders with this skill including increased sales, improved employee retention and a more positive workplace. Employees with higher emotional intelligence will also increase productivity for your small business. For example, programmers in the top ten percent of emotional intelligence competencies produce software three times faster.

3. Problem solver

Your potential candidates should have good problem solving skills, because leaders must tackle problems and find solutions efficiently. While the leaders will have to unearth these problems, they will also need to be able to explain the issue to others. A good leader will be able to bring ideas to management and employees as well as create an environment where others can contribute suggestions. Your potential leader will celebrate when there is company success and take the responsibility when things don’t go according to plans.

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How #Startup #Business Use #CloudComputing #Technology

Ideas Entrepreneurship Startups

The cloud is becoming a popular way for businesses to store information without buying tons of data servers to house the information. According to the 2017 RightScale Cloud Survey, 95 percent of companies surveyed are using cloud computing in some form. Companies are running 79 percent of workloads in the cloud. Cloud computing is beneficial for businesses, because it allows employees flexibility where and when they work, increases collaboration with staff who work off-site and allows companies to decrease the IT budget. One benefit not often mentioned is cloud-computing can help your company go green. Here are three ways cloud computing can help your business cut it carbon footprint.

1. Consolidate machines

 Servers can be expensive to purchase and maintain and companies often purchase more than necessary for those few times a year when data loads are at their peaks. Those machines often sit idle when not in use and continue to use large amounts of electricity. Businesses that move data storage to cloud computing are able to decrease their equipment costs. Without the need for a large room to house these machines, businesses can also rent smaller office spaces cutting costs. Companies in the cloud are sharing facilities and resources therefore cutting the duplication of industry data centers. These centers are able to get higher utilization rates from their machines allowing them to purchase fewer and are often able to buy in bulk allowing them to have more energy efficient machines.

2. Reduce energy consumption

The environment where servers are kept have to be carefully climate controlled for them to be at peak performance. With cloud computing taking over the servers, your business no longer has to pay for that climate control which cuts down on your energy bills. A report by the Carbon Disclosure Project finds companies who adopt cloud computing can decrease its energy consumption and lower its carbon emissions. By 2020, the group estimates, large U.S. companies can achieve annual energy savings of $12.3 billion and annual carbon reductions equivalent to 200 million barrels of oil.


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5 Essential #Business #Apps For Modern #Entrepreneur


Entrepreneurs are fully engrossing themselves in the digital age. They are no longer tied down to a desktop computer or a wired telephone. Entrepreneurs are on the move with the help of mobile apps as they provide tools for productivity and efficiency. Apple and Google have millions of apps to choose from, this list will provide entrepreneurs with five apps to improve communication, organization and an individual’s health.

1. Slack

Slack is a messaging system for the 21st century. Slack allows you to communicate with your entire team in open channels or for more focused groups in private channels. Customers see an average of 48.6 percent reduction in internal emails creating a more productive work life.These conversations can be written or in a video call. Slack allows you to make calls without needing to open another app or share invite links. Slack also lets you share files, images, PDFs, and spreadsheets.  All messages, notifications and files are indexed and archived within Slack making it easier to search for specific conversations or documents.

2. Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang was created for your Gmail account and helps you become more organized. With Boomerang you can write an email now and schedule it to be sent automatically at a later time. You can use artificial intelligence to make your emails more efficient. Boomerang can help you follow up with people who haven’t responded. To create an organized look, Boomerang can archive messages and bring them back to your inbox when needed. You can also create reminders for yourself while you are on the go.

Entrepreneurs have busy schedules, so high productivity and organization are a must. With the help of these five apps entrepreneurs will be able to clear their minds of stress, sleep better & email efficiently.

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5 Tips to #SmallBiz Website for More #LeadGeneration



Stephen Covey’s book ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ became a bestseller and is still valued today.  His book became a multi million dollar bestseller because it gave people a simple formula of becoming highly effective by adopting only 7 habits. It became unavoidable because the idea was very unique and sense of novelty in a product always attracts customers.

The main purpose of building a website is also to attract more customers. Bigger businesses have the ease that comes with bigger budgets and they can afford to place ads and utilize other expensive methods to get customers.  Small businesses don’t have this luxury.

However, every business once started from scratch and grew with time and effort. The best businesses thrive because they kept their ‘consumer’ in mind. As a small business website, this should be your aim and goal – to attract the attention of a potential customer and convert them into a paying customer.

Keep A/B testing:

As a website owner, you may assume that your pages are doing just fine for everyone. Assuming is not going to benefit your site’s conversion rates because it is extremely important to know what the user thinks. For this purpose, you need to run split tests on your most important pages. A/B testing or split testing is the process of trying two different things on the same page and projecting it to the users at the same time. The results achieved by these tests are checked to see which page converted better. It is going to tell you a lot about user choices and their preferences on your website.

Therefore, the most important page you should test is the landing page. Keep adding new elements and check them to see how they convert. The viral video site Upworthy is a good example in this case. Almost all of the stories on Upworthy go viral. They’ve built a thriving business online which is loved by common users due to its uniqueness. However, it wasn’t built in a day. The company tested everything since day one; site- headlines, content, site performance, you name it.

As they improved and grew a subscriber base, they kept realizing new stuff like performance based on high activity on the site or content placement according to priority. They grew their conversions by 28% and the social engagement of the site also grew many folds.

#SEO #LinkBuilding Guide for #Marketing Beginners


What is Link Building?

There is no any standard definition found for link building. It’s not like link building is a secret many surveys has shown that 75% of companies that are active in SEO work are spending $1,000 or more in a month for link building. With the lack of standard definition there is confusion in the SEO industry itself.

So, what is link building literally?

Brian dean from says:  Link building is the most important (and challenging) SEO skill. Actually, it’s a culmination of several different skills: you need to master content creation, sales, programming, psychology, and good old-fashioned marketing if you want other people to consistently link to your site.

Link building is not just about getting backlinks from other sites but it is also a marketing tactics used to increase your brand awareness, increase in sell and conversion.

So, why is link building important?

Back-link is a building block for a good SEO. The links that directs you towards your website from any other website are known as back-link. Having higher number of back-link is a good indicator of the websites popularity, but this doesn’t mean that back-link from any sources is juicy. It is not sufficient to just have a huge number of backlinks but also the backlinks should be from relevant source and within your niche.  For e.g. DesignPac is a site providing Unlimited Graphic Design service than linking to a site about mortgage is not relevant, and the link is not taken as a quality link.

External backlinks from other sites acts as an influence for search engine to rank higher, this is why backlinks matter.

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